Open interview are held every Monday at 6pm. If you would like to apply for a general position at the park (Attractions, Parties, Cafe, or Game Tech), please come to an open interview.


The Following information will be needed to hire you during your interview:
• State Issued ID or School Id
• Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
• Banking Information (Blank Check, Deposit Slip)


Party Host
Central Park Fun-Land is looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic people who can work well with groups of kids in party like atmosphere.  Weekends are required.  Job duty’s include: Serving food, organizing games, singing, cleaning, and more.  This position also has the potential of making tips based on performance.

Interested people should contact

Central Park Fun-Land is ready to fill a number of Maintenance positions in different areas of the park.  These positions require highly trained, technical people, who can maintain and fix Games, Rides, & Attractions at the park.

Interested people should contact Donny Fisk at