Open interviews are held every Monday at 6pm. If you would like to apply for a general position at the park (Attractions, Parties, Cafe, or Game Tech), please come to an open interview.

The Following information will be needed to hire you during your interview:
• State Issued ID or School Id
• Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
• Banking Information (Blank Check, Deposit Slip)


Party Host
Central Park Fun-Land is looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic people who can work well with groups of kids in party like atmosphere. Weekends are required. Job duties include: Serving food, organizing games, singing, cleaning, and more. This position also has the potential of making tips based on performance.

Interested candidates should contact Thomas Boswell at

Central Park Fun-Land is ready to fill a number of Maintenance positions in different areas of the park. These positions require highly trained, technical people, who can maintain and fix games, rides, and attractions around the park.

Interested candidates should contact Donny Fisk at