Laser Tag  $7 per game*

  • Minimum 42″ tall to participate, appropriate footwear strongly recommended.


Not just laser tag, but Laser Blast laser tag!  The only Laser Blast laser tag equipment serving Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Laser tag at Fun-Land is a blast-literally! Enjoy your laser tag adventure in our over 4,500 square foot arena which can hold 40 participants. Each laser tag experience takes approximately 20 minutes and includes one-10 minute game of laser tag, depending upon the game format selected for that session.  Game formats are determined by age bracket and number of participants. Your laser tag experience starts at our briefing room to show an instructional video and explain the rules of the session’s game. Once instructions are provided, it’s off to the vesting room to get your laser tag phasers and packs and be divided into teams (if required by your laser tag game format).

Play Zone ($6 All Day Pass)
  • Maximum height of 58″ tall; suggested minimum age of 2 1/2.
The Play Zone, our multi-level kid’s indoor play park, presents fun and challenging physical activities for kid’s year round. Our soft play park includes an inflatable moon bounce, crawl tubes, slides and other events.  Please note that younger children may not be able to play if they cannot navigate moderately challenging activities, or have help of an older child. Parents and children over 58″ tall are not allowed in the indoor playground for safety. Children are asked to take their shoes off before entering the play park, and socks are required. Please check pockets for any items that may be lost during play.  Food, drinks, candy and gum are prohibited inside the playground.

Cannonball Blaster $3*
The Extreme Cannonball Blaster™, awarded “Best New Product” by IAAPA, safely fires small foam balls 20 feet. Up to 4 can play, blast away-at Fun Land! The reverse vacuum technology provides constant airflow, allowing cannons to immediately fire ammo when loaded. An inflatable battle dome is provided to keep the players in a designated area while as the same time providing a containment system for the cannons ammo. Safety goggles are supplied, shoes must be removed, and socks are required to play. Under 36″ tall requires supervisor participation.
Indoor Rock Climbing Wall  $4*
  • Minimum height of 36″ tall, maximum weight of 250 lbs.
Affectionately known as ‘The Wall’, is equipped with a new Extreme Engineering auto-relay system, you can now again face off against this monster in safety! To participate on the rock wall, you must be at least 36″ tall, and have a shoe that covers the entire foot (no high heels, sandals, opened toed, or open heeled shoes). Each participant gets three attempts on the rock wall.  Rock wall climbing requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. Need a hint to get farther up the rock wall? Don’t just pull with your arms, but push with your legs too. Talk about a total body workout!

Mini Bowling  $5 (10 Frames)*
Fun-Land is one of the few centers in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland with 4 lanes of mini bowling. Mini bowling is fun for the whole family! Our AMF Highway 66 bowling lanes are approximately 1/2 the size of traditional bowling lanes, with balls that weigh only 4.5 pounds.  This makes it much easier for younger kids to have a good time and bowl like the big guys.  Teens and adults, don’t think this is just for kids!  You’ll be surprised at how challenging mini bowling can be. Scoring is automatic, and bumpers are also available at the touch of a button, for no more gutter balls! And unlike traditional bowling, special shoes are NOT required!
At Fun Land, you can bowl almost ANY TIME; you don’t have to make a reservation or worry about leagues. It’s open bowling all day, every day!  However, a Mini Bowling Package is available for groups that wish to make an advanced reservation.  Each lane may accommodate up to 10 participants, for a total capacity of 40 people. Highway 66 Mini Bowling by AMF/Qubica at Fun Land

*See Pricing Information for more details on Play Cards and Play Value.