Mini Golf $6
  • 3 and under FREE (1 free child per paying adult mini golfer, please)
Miniature golf can be relaxing or challenging, depending upon both your skill level and mood. Feel free to keep score or just putt for fun. We suggest that you take your time on the mini golf greens, but not too long, as there are so many other activities to enjoy at Fun-land!

Batting Cages $2 for 20 Pitches*
Fun-Land has 6 state-of-the-art Ultimate Trainer® batting cages.  Each batting cage features dual pitching stations, which means it can deliver either baseballs or softballs. In addition, these batting cages offer multiple speeds, with a baseball top speed of 70 mph! Fun-Land’s batting cages are also height adjustable, allowing you to customize pitches to your height with the touch of a button.  We also offer Batting Cage Rentals with hourly rates for team practice sessions. Feel free to bring your own bat and helmet, or use our house equipment. Helmets are required in the batting cages, and appropriate footwear is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of injury.

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