• $2 per slide
  • Single riders must be 42″ tall.
  • Children under 42″ must be accompanied by adult (18+).

Fun-Land has installed the industry’s best slide, a Frederiksen Fun Slide! Climb to the crow’s nest over 30 feet in the air for a great view of the park. Then, jump in your sack and fly down three moguls (hills) for nearly 100 feet. And you thought slides were just for little kids! Fun-Land’s Giant Fun Slide has three lanes for racing. Single riders must be at least 42″ tall to slide.

  • Cost = $5 each*
  • Passengers must be 46″ to ride

Are you ready to take off? Fun-Land presents the UFO, our newest outdoor ride here at the park! First, the ride rotates at a speed to overcome the force of gravity, and then tilts to approximately 70 degrees, placing riders nearly 25 feet in the air. By the way, did we mention that you stand on the ride, with no harness? Only the speed of the ride will be keeping you from coming back to earth! The Round Up can hold up to 24 passengers per ride of approximately 2 1/2 minutes.  Passengers must be at least 46″ tall to participate, and must be able to keep their feet on the floor and body in an standing position for the duration of this thrill ride.

  • Cost = $6 / game
  • 3 and under FREE (1 free child per paying adult mini golfer)
Our full 18-hole course is perfect for all ages! Miniature golf can be relaxing or challenging, depending upon both your skill level and mood. Feel free to keep score or just putt for fun. We suggest that you take your time on the mini golf greens, but not too long, as there are so many other activities to enjoy at Fun-Land!
  • Cost = $5 each*
  • Passengers must be 48″ to ride alone
  • Or 36″ w/supervision (another rider 48″ tall)
  • Up to three passengers per car

The Scrambler is a classic family favorite outdoor ride. The Scrambler can hold up to three passengers per car and whips around a speeds close to 25mph!

  • Cost = $5 each*
  • Passengers must be 48″ to ride alone
  • Or 36″ w/supervision (another rider at least 48″ tall)
  • Up to four (4) passengers per tub.

In 2012, Fun-Land brought a Carnival Classic to the park, the Tilt-A-Whirl! Grab your friends and family, and jump in a tub, spinning round and round on this thrill ride. With 7 tubs that can hold up a family of 4, up to 28 guests can enjoy a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl, which means less time waiting! Passengers must be 48″ to ride alone, or be 36″ to ride with another passenger to supervise that is at least 48″ tall.

  • Cost = $2 for 20 Pitches*
  • Helmets and Bats provided (or bring your own!)
Fun-Land has 6 state-of-the-art Ultimate Trainer® batting cages. Each batting cage features dual pitching stations, which means it can deliver either baseballs or softballs. In addition, these batting cages offer multiple speeds, with a baseball top speed of 70 mph! Fun-Land’s batting cages are also height adjustable, allowing you to customize pitches to your height with the touch of a button. Feel free to bring your own bat and helmet, or use our house equipment. Helmets are required in the batting cages, and appropriate footwear is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Cost = $5 each*
  • Passengers must be 46″ to ride.
  • Up to two (2) passengers per gondola.

This is not your granny’s Ferris Wheel! In Spring 2013, Fun-Land introduced the The Big Spinner, an Eyerly Aircraft Rock-O-Plane! And we guarantee you’ll be head over heals for this ride (literally), if you can handle it! Once locked into your fully enclosed gondola, we’ll release the brake and let you be in control. The Rock-O-Plane travels nearly 50′ at the top of it’s ascent, but much faster than a typical Ferris Wheel. In addition, the gondola can also spin on it’s axis with an operator controlled brake. Want a gentle ride? Simply disengage the brake, and the gondola will sway back and forth. By engaging and releasing the brake at various points, riders can go upside down or completely spin in circles! Now that’s what we call fun!