Scrambler $5 each*
Passengers must be 48″ to ride alone, 36″ w/supervision (another responsible passenger at least 48″). Up to three (3) passengers per car.

You want rides, and Fun Land has them! You don’t have to go to King’s Dominion to have a blast and ride the Scrambler. Whip around at close to 25mph! The Eli Bridge Scrambler is coming to Fun Land, Virginia’s Premier Indoor/Outdoor Family Fun Center, this Summer Season.

Rock-O-Plane $5 each*
Passengers must be 44″ to ride alone, 38″ w/adult participant
Up to two (2) passengers per gondola.

This is NOT your granny’s Ferris Wheel! Another new ride for Spring of 2013, Central Park Fun Land introduces The Big Spinner, an Eyerly Aircraft Rock-O-Plane! And we guarantee you’ll be HEAD OVER HEELS for this ride, if you can handle it!

Once locked into your fully enclosed gondola, we’ll release the brake and let you be in control. The Big Spinner travels nearly 50′ at the top of it’s ascent, but much faster than a typical Ferris Wheel. In addition, the gondola can also spin on it’s axis with an operator controlled brake. Want a gentle ride? Simply disengage the brake, and the gondola will sway back and forth. WANNA GO FOR A RIDE? By engaging and releasing the brake at various points, riders can go UPSIDE DOWN or COMPLETELY SPIN IN CIRCLES! Now that’s what we call FUN!

Round Up $5 each*
Passengers must be 46″ to ride.

Are you ready to take off? Fun Land presents the UFO, our newest outdoor ride here at the park!  First, the ride rotates at a speed to overcome the force of gravity, and then tilts to approximately 70 degrees, placing riders nearly 25 feet in the air.  By the way, did we mention that you stand on the ride, with NO HARNESS, only the speed of the ride keeping you from coming back to earth!

The Round Up can hold up to 24 passengers per ride of approximately 2 1/2 minutes.  Passengers must be at least 46″ tall to participate, and must be able to keep their feet on the floor and body in an standing position for the duration of this thrill ride.

Tilt-A-Whirl $5 each*

Passengers must be 48″ to ride alone, 36″ w/supervision (another rider 48″)
Up to four (4) passengers per tub.

In 2012, Funland brought a Carnival Classic to the park, the Tilt-A-Whirl! Grab your friends and family, and jump in a tub, spinning round and round on this thrill ride.

With 7 tubs that can hold up a family of 4, up to 28 guests can enjoy a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl, which means less time waiting! Passengers must be 48″ to ride alone, or be 36″ to ride with another passenger to supervise that is at least 48″ tall.

Grand Prix Go Kart Track  Drivers-$7, Passengers-$2

Go Kart Drivers 60″ tall, go kart passengers 36″ tall-requires driver to have a valid license.

Our featured go kart track, the Grand Prix, takes outdoor go kart racing to new heights!  This track features twists and turns as well as an overpass and underpass.  We have both single and double Panther open body go karts.  These go karts are powered by 9 hp Honda engines, and can race to speeds of 20 mph!  Talk about a thrill!  Drivers must be at least 60″ tall to operate a Grand Prix go kart.  For passengers, you must present a valid driver’s license to our track attendant each race.  Passengers must be at least 36″.  Go kart races are approximately 5 minutes, and up to 12 go karts can run per race.

Naskart Go Kart Track  Drivers-$5, Passengers-$2*

Drivers 58″ tall, passengers 36″ tall-requires driver to have a valid license.Outdoor, NASCAR®-style go kart racing at it’s finest!  Our Naskart go kart is traditional oval racing.  We have both single and double Panther open body go karts.  Naskart go karts are powered by 8 and 9 hp Honda engines, and travel 14-16 mph.  This go kart track is for beginners and those that love oval racing!  Drivers must be at least 58″ tall to operate a Naskart go kart.  For passengers, drivers must present a valid license to our track attendant each race.  Passengers must be at least 36″.  Races are approximately 5 minutes, and up to 8 Naskart go karts can run per race.

The Naskart go kart track is also home to our Rookie Go Karts.  Naskart and Rookie karts cannot operate on the track together.  Races alternate between the two types of go karts, although on busy days preference will be given to the Rookie go karts.

Rookie Go Karts  $5*
Drivers must be 46″ tall and 8 years of age.

Hey kids, race on our outdoor, oval NASCAR®-style track!  To drive a rookie go kart, you must be at least 8 years old and 46″ tall.  Powered by 5.5 hp engines, these go karts run between 10 and 14 mph.  Races are approximately 5 minutes, and up to 6 go karts run per race.  Please make sure that your child has the proper skills to operate a go kart.  For rookie go kart drivers, we follow the ‘three strikes” rule; making contact with another go kart or guard rail 3 times during a day of racing will prevent your child from continuing to participate as a driver.  Not able to drive quite yet?  Don’t worry-you can be a passenger on either our Grand Prix or Naskart go karts with mom or dad if you are at least 36″ tall!

Naskart and Rookie go karts share the oval go kart track and cannot operate at the same time.  Races alternate between the two go karts, although on busy days preference will be given to the Rookie go karts. Drivers 64″ tall and/or over 200 lbs may not be able to operate Rookie go karts.

Bumper Boats Drivers-$5, Passengers-$2*
Drivers must be 48″ tall, passengers must be 36″ tall (life vest must be worn, provided by Fun Land)

Jump in a bumper boat and GET WET! We’ve upgraded our boats to J&J Waterblasters™! This means that each electric boat also has it’s own squirt gun so you can take aim at other participants. Just remember, they might just blast you back! Water effects also include Fun Land’s Broken Bridge Water Fall and Lonely Rock Fountain. Drivers must be at least 48″ and passengers must be 36″ to ride.

PLEASE NOTE: When our water effects are on, YOU WILL GET WET! Fun Land suggests you wear clothes that are appropriate to wet in a pool, and you remove any objects that might be damaged by water, such as cell phones, cameras, and iPods, during this event. Also, for the safety and enjoyment of all of Funland’s guests, you may not be able to participate in certain other rides & attractions until you are dry.

Giant Fun Slide $5 for 3 Slides*

Single rider must be 42″ tall, children under 42″ must be accompanied by adult (18+).

Funland has just finished installing the industry’s best slide, a Frederiksen Fun Slide! Climb to the crow’s nest over 30 feet in the air for a great view of the park. Then, jump in your sack and fly down three moguls (hills) for nearly 100 feet. And you thought slides were just for little kids!

Fun Land’s Giant Fun Slide has three lanes for racing. Single riders must be at least 42″ tall. Children under 42″ tall may participate if accompanied by an adult.

*See Pricing Information for details about Play Cards and Play Value. GO KARTS are a rigorous activity involving a degree of risk, and have additional requirements designed for your safety and enjoyment. See Go Karts for more specific track rules and restrictions.